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Long Island has its name for a good reason. This portion of New York is the biggest, longest island in the contiguous United States. It is highly populated and made up of four main areas: Brooklyn, Queens, Nassau, and Suffolk. Most locals use the term Long Island just to refer to Nassau and Suffolk exclusively, so outsiders may not realize that Long Island is actually as expansive as it is.

Today west Long Island is home to these two buzzing burrows while east Long Island is more residential and slower-paced. East Long Island has its share of business like Babylon Honda, plus beautiful historic homes, and plenty of historic sites which tell of Long Island’s extensive past.

History of Long Island, NY

The Island was home to several North American tribes long before the European settlers came along. However, the Shinnecock and Poospatuck tribes still live on Long Island under federal protection. When Europeans did come along, the Dutch settled in the west—what’s now Kings (Brooklyn) and Queens—while the Puritans from Massachusetts settled in the east. As European settlements grew, Long Island lived through several monumental events, including the Revolutionary War.

Much later, in a period known as the Gilded Age during the 1920s and 1930s, Long Island began to attract wealthy residents to its north shore. The increase of wealth earned this area the nickname “The Gold Coast,” and set a reputation for high class and high cost of living.

Needless to say, plenty of events and people have had their impact on Long Island over the years. From its important role in aviation history, to its famous residents, Long Island has always played an important part in American history. At Babylon Honda, we love serving the residents of this diverse island, almost as much as we love learning new things about the people and things that have shaped it.